• Team area – 13/11€ per person*

The main goal of team area is to improve the group member’s communication skills to collectively build trust and cooperation among each other.
In other words, it is a miniature survival course: in order to successfully complete the assignment all members must effectively communicate, develop trust and depend on other attendants. This real time application is a fundamental principle of every team work regardless of the project in hand.

  • Tree-to-tree climbing – 13/11€ per person*

The attraction of the low rope adventure course is intended for individual participants. The track takes a person from the river to the observation platform which connects the team area and high rope adventure course. The challenge of this course is coordination and skill development. Course severity – difficult.

  • High rope adventure course – 13€ per person

Upon completion of low rope adventure the course heads to the observation platformwhich is situated on the banks of the wild valley. There are three tracks on the high rope adventure course. Firstly, there are two zip slides: 650 ft zip slide and 560 ft slide. Secondly, participants can cross the river by riding the specific bicycle along 625 ft rope, 100 ft above the valley. This course demands courage and bravery! Adrenaline pumping is guaranteed!

  • Zip slide – 8€ per person

Additional slide from the viewpoint tower.

  • Strong course – 8€ per person

Physically demanding track.

  • Children’s trail – 6€ per person

We have opened two exciting children trails for smaller adventurers. The trails consists of 19 games and are suitable for children up to ten years. The children´s trail ticket contains a small surprise for the child.

  • Night at the park – 20€ per person

Available only when pre-booked at least 3 days earlier. Minimal group size is 5 people.

  • Packages 20/18€ per person

Team area + Tree-to-tree climbing
High rope adventure course + Tree-to-tree climbing
Team area + High rope adventure course

  • Tube ride (3 rides) 8€ per person

The tube ride runs along Kunda river in the territory of Lontova adventure park.
It is particularly suitable in the warm summer period and it is also a fun extra to other courses.

*Kuni 18-aasta vanustele hind 11€ per person



Liitu meie uudistega


K-P 12-18 (muul ajal eelnevalt tellides)

Seikluspargi LASTEALA: E-P 12-18.

BLÜCHERI kohvik: E-P  12-18
(muul ajal ette tellides).

PUHKEMAJA on avatud aastaringselt.


OÜ TT Lontova 11598348
Lontova 2, Kunda
+372 5360 6666





OÜ TT Lontova on saanud puhkamajasse vajaliku inventari soetamiseks toetust Leader programmist.
Toetus on antud eesmärgiga suurendada piirkonnas tegutseva turismiettevõtja konkurentsivõimet ja jätkusuutlikkust, et pakkuda elanikele ja külastajatele uusi kohalikul ressursil põhinevaid teenuseid.

TT Lontova OÜ on saanud toetuse projektile “Lontova seikluspargi kohvikusse köögitehnika ostmine”, millega on ostetud Lontova seikluspargi Blücheri kohvikusse uus kohvimasin ja külmkapp.

TT Lontova OÜ on saanud toetust projektile “Päikeseelektrijaama rajamine”, mille eesmärgiks on viia TT Lontova OÜ turismiteenuse osutamine üle päikeseenergiale ning seeläbi kasvatada ettevõtte jätkusuutlikkust ja konkurentsivõimet. Projekti tulemusena on puhkemaja katusele rajatud 15 kW võimsusega päikeseelektrijaam, tänu millele hoiame kokku elektrienergiale kuluvaid ressursse ning pakume teenuseid efektiivsemalt.



OÜ TT Lontova 11598348
Laane 1, Kunda
+372 5360 6666

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