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Lontova Adventure Park is positioned in the depths of wild valley where the rapid of river Kunda is flowing along the wild canyon. We have created adventurous recreational opportunities combined with the magical wilderness of untouched pure nature to offer satisfaction to all thrill seekers. Besides adrenaline pumping attractions we have scenic nature hike that is suitable for every level of fitness.

Our adventure park is filled with wondrous activity for families, coteries and other affiliated groups of people. In addition to active vacation one could enjoy delicious meals at the Blücher café which is part of the adventure park complex. For the ones who are interested, we also provide area for barbecue and picnic. Our helpful staff is happily ready to arrange your festive occasion as well as romantic soirées.

Adventurous recreational activities are available all year round in accordance with weather and nature conditions: attraction suitable for sunny spring and summertime, and alternatives for colorful autumn and snowy winter period.

Lontova Adventure Park belongs to Geocaching treasure hiding places, and is a member of genuine enterprises (ehedad.ee) which give visitors authentic experience of beautiful Lahemaa wild nature.



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K-P 12.00 – 19.00 (E ja T eelbroneerimisel gruppidele al 8 inimest)

Seikluspargi LASTEALA on avatud
E-P 12.00 – 19.00

BLÜCHERI kohvik on avatud
E-P 12.00 – 19.00 (suvel)
E-P 12.00 – 17.00 (sügistalvel)

PUHKEMAJA on avatud aastaringselt


OÜ TT Lontova
Reg.nr. 11598348
Laane 1, Kunda
+372 5360 6666



OÜ TT Lontova
Reg.nr. 11598348
Laane 1, Kunda
+372 5360 6666

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